Did you just move into a new home? Exciting, but also lots of work and stress. How can one reduce stress and happily set up in a new home?
My architect told me when we moved into our dream home: “organize your home in one week. Otherwise, you will continue to live with everything that was not organized“.
He was totally right. I took his advice, worked really hard for a week and made sure no boxes or scattered items stay around the house. Thank you to my architect.
Unfortunately, I enter homes that called me saying: “we moved in a few months ago but still have moving boxes around. It’s so stressful – help us”.
My advice to you is, that if you do not feel you can organize your new home on your own, call a pro. We are here to help. Nothing is worth damaging your health and well-being. Everyone wants a welcoming home as a refuge from what we have been through all day.
Organize your new home as you enter it! Your well-being is a priority!